Juan Navarro Wedding Photographer Cancun


It is a good thing to know some local tips when planning your destination wedding in the Riviera Maya. The first important thing is the time of the year in which you would like your ceremony to take place. As it has probably happened in your hometown, weather conditions have changed a lot in the past few years and you might find some days with crazy weather amidst the least expected season.

The Riviera Maya is no exception to this, but, here are some over all tips regarding the weather in this part of the planet.

WINTER - January thru March:

We have during this time our so called “Winter”, where us locals, take advantage to use our few sweaters. The temperature during these days will go from 75 F to 68 F or even dropping as low as 60 F for very few moments! Your might consider a light jacket in your formal attire, though it could get windy.

SPRING – April thru June:

Spring is all over! Our temperatures rise and so is the season, which is considered “high” for destination weddings . So if you are planning on getting married this time of the year, be sure to book with enough time in advance.

We can have some surprising “in and out” tropical showers, but we are used to them and we will adapt accordingly.

SUMMER – July thru September:

Time to welcome summer and above 95 degrees F temperatures with relative humidity sometimes as high as 90%. Typical summer storms can be expected but most of the time they can go as fast as they came. As for your formal wedding attires, please consider them in a very light fabric.

FALL – October thru December:

Fall is here and the most romantic full moons as well. Being October’s full moon specially famous. November and December are considered high season at the Riviera Maya. We get very nice temperaturas with less possiblity of showers.


In my experience, the best time to have your pictures taken is the so called “golden hour”, which goes 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after sunset. The lighting conditions are supreme and pictures can come out great. So If you can, plan your ceremony and bride/groom photo shoot around this time of the day.

I would not recommend you to have your wedding in between 11:00 am and 4:00pm in summertime, since the heat can be excessive even for us locals.

Grooms in tuxedo or dinner jackets look really formal for a wedding, but for a beach wedding in Cancun, can be quite heavy to wear with the high index humidity levels and high temperatures we get. A formal shirt looks great and will let you be much more comfortable than with a formal suit.

For wintertime, I would leave out 11:00am – 3:00pm ceremonies. And not so light fabrics can be worn during this time.

Do not miss the experience of a Trash the Dress session at a cenote of at the beach.

Cenotes are unique in this area and we have plenty to choose from. An underwater photo shoot will always remind you of this beautiful corner of Mexico.

For optimal lighting at a cenote, the session should take place not later tan 10:00am and could be followed by a romantic shooting at the beach.

For just a beach TTD session, anytime around sunset will provide you with the warmest light.

The sun can burn your skin in a harmful way, specially on cloudy and windy days, where you might think no sunscreen is needed. It is always better to look as natural as your skin normally is than to have a severe sunburnt skin on your wedding day. You can always save sunbathing for your honeymoon, instead.

* Please note that our time zone is not the same throughout the year, it varies. As or the first Sunday of April we have Central Standard Time (CST) and from the last Sunday of October we change to Eastern Standard Time (EST).